Are you in search of a proven legitimate online business and need some direction? There are a number of things you should know before looking at online businesses, which will help you steer clear of online scams, cut through the hype, and find the perfect legitimate online business.

The Fear of Online Businesses

As fear is probably the biggest reason for people not starting their own online business, I’d like to share some basic Internet history on this.

The Internet is a wonderful, wonderful thing. It has been the single greatest invention in the information industry since the first printing press. However, like all things new, it took some time for people to gain trust with it.

Now, you’ve probably shopped online recently using your credit card and didn’t think much of it. However, going back to the early-mid 90s, most of the world had a fear of putting their credit card details into a website thinking they might fall for a scam. Today, it’s the norm and most people won’t even think twice about purchasing something online with their credit card.

Online businesses today are in a similar boat as online shopping was in the 90s. Yes, it’s still a relatively new thing and, yes; it can be a little scary. However, with the advancement of technology, it’s quickly becoming the future for generating an income online while working from home; and is steadily becoming more accepted and less scary.

With a few tips and guidelines to follow, you can be rest assured to find a legitimate online business that works for you.

How To Find A Proven Legitimate Online Business

Tip 1 – Know what you want and why you want it

If you went to a grocery store to buy cereal and you didn’t know what type or brand you wanted, I’m sure you could spend all day reading the labels of every type of cereal available and still not find what you want.

In the same way, if you don’t know what you want an online business to help you achieve, you could spend years looking at thousands of work from home businesses and still not know what you want.

The first step is to know what your yearly income goal is, to achieve the lifestyle you want. This could be to pay for the house and the car you want, to go travelling, for investments, to support your family, to send your children to college and more.

Secondly, you want to know why you want all of this. This is more important than what you want because it will be your driving force to creating financial success – money in itself is not a powerful motivator. Your “why’s” could include: to prove to yourself and others what truly is possible, to live a prosperous life, to experience the freedom of being your own boss or to help the people around you.

Tip 2 – Be ready to take on the responsibilities of business ownership

Acknowledge that owning a legitimate online business will require your time, money and energy.

TIME – If you’re working extremly stressful hours in your job; you’ll have to speak to your boss to cut back on hours, change your job or get creative with your time.

MONEY – Be prepared to invest money into your business. If you’re not willing to invest into an online business, then finding an online job is probably more suited to you. In an online job, you won’t have to spend anything, you’ll be paid by the hour but you’ll be very limited to the amount of money you can make.

With an online business, you may have an initial buy-in fee, or purchase of a product or training (see Tip 3). On-going expenses includes Internet access, phone plan, website design, website hosting, graphic design and marketing expenses to promote your business and products.

ENERGY – Be prepared to set aside at least 15 hours per week, where you will put your 100% focus and energy into learning and building your business.

How To Find A Proven Legitimate Online Business

Now I'm going to share with you 6 more tips you need to know on how to find a proven legitimate online business, and I'll also give the #1 recommendation I give everyone.

Tip 3 – Don’t pay money upfront to see an online business presentation

DO NOT pay any money upfront before looking at an online business opportunity or products presentation. If it’s really a great business, they won’t be asking for your money upfront.

Note: Some businesses will require an interview before presenting the business information (with no upfront cost, of course). Put yourself in the business owner’s shoes. Would you want to allow anyone and everyone into the business? Or do you want to allow only like-minded individuals whom you can easily work with and mentor?

Tip 4 – Beware of guaranteed income or false promises

The only guarantees in life are deaths and taxes. So if someone’s telling you that you will make $10,000 in your first 5 days, run a mile.

Any business, whether traditional or online, has no guarantees. If you run a fashion boutique in your local mall and don’t promote your business or do the work required to make it successful, you’re sure to fail.

Also, most people would say: “If it's too good to be true it probably is.” Personally (and this is just my opinion), I’d say: “If it's too good to be true it probably is… but I'm going to take a look at the facts and do my due diligence so I don't miss out on a great opportunity.”

Tip 5 – Beware of businesses that get you to pitch to family and friends

If you join a business like this, after a while, your friends will stop seeing you as a friend and see you as just a sales person. Trust me, they won't want to be your friend anymore. I've seen this happen countless of times to some really good people that had good intentions.

A great business will rely on your marketing efforts where people will come to YOU already interested in your products, services or opportunity because of the value you've provided them upfront.

If you're already in a company, or end up in one, that teaches the “family & friends” method, take a breath of fresh air because there is a better way of approaching them without coming across as an “ICKY” sales person.

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How To Find A Proven Legitimate Online Business

Tip 6 – Speak to someone over the phone and get his or her contact details

A person that does not disclose their name, contact number or email address may very well be trying to scam you and may not be a legitimate online business. Be sure to get these details from them and research the person.

A legitimate person will have a strong online presence with friends, followers and will be open about their life and business online. Great places to start include their Facebook page or profile, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Tip 7 – Look for a blog, free training and email newsletters

Very often, legitimate online businesses will have a blog, free training or a mailing list. This will give you a feel for the nature of the business and products, and will help you decide if that online business is in alignment with what you’re looking for (See Tip 1).

Tip 8 – Look for a business with training and a support network

The last thing you want is to get started in an online business, pay some money, and then realise that you’re left on your own with no training or support, only to spend more money on external training.

Add to your “wants list” an online business opportunity that provides the business model, products, systems, training, mentoring and a strong support network. This will help shorten your learning curve and have you make money online as fast as you can take action.

Note: I'll add a caveat right here. If you start your own online business, be sure to ask questions and seek out the support from the company you partner with. Many companies have hundreds or thousands of new business owners getting stated every year. They can't be thinking of every single business owner every moment of the day. However, they're always willing to help those that reach out for support – this shows them who is committed to succeeding in their business and they'll freely give of their time to those who deserve it.


When you’re searching for a legitimate online business and you have these 8 tips front of mind; you’ll be better prepared to avoid online scams and find an online business you can be passionate about – and of course, make some great money!

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