Fast Track Profit Academy

Are you a home business owner who needs to make more money, but can't figure out how to get more leads, sales & sign ups in your business?

If so, you are not alone! Many home business owners struggle each year due to outdated marketing strategies their companies train them on. And after years of trying to build their businesses, many throw in the towel and give up on their dreams.

If you're in that same position, or you don't know where to start with building an online business, here's the solution to your problem…

Fast Track Profit Academy is my flagship course where you'll learn my complete, proven Social Media Branding & Marketing Formula to Build ANY Online Business From Scratch, Attract Interested Buyers To YOU With Credit Card In Hand & Print Money On Demand.

Add ‘Fast Track Profit Academy' to your digital training library now, and learn the secret to becoming the HUNTED instead of the hunter, so you can build your dream business.

Facebook Recruiting Mastery

Are you struggling to get more leads, make more sales & recruit more reps into your business, or you don't have a business and don't know if you can be successful?

If so, take a deep breath and relax! You are now so incredibly close to consistently recruit new reps every single week and become a top earner in YOUR Network Marketing Company.

If you don't already know, Facebook is the #1 platform most top earners use today. Why? Because there is 1.86 billion monthly users on Facebook, and your target market is GUARANTEED to be on there!

Facebook Recruiting Mastery is a fun, flexible and powerful solution which helps you to have Instantly Persuasive Conversations so you can Get More People To Say “YES” To Your Product, Service or Opportunity!

Results NOW Video Marketing

Are you SCARED TO DEATH to Get On Video? Does the thought of getting in front of the camera cause intense panic and anxiety to kick in? Or are you just avoiding the idea of shooting your first video?

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. I felt exactly the same. It wasn't until I discovered the secret to overcoming the fear of video marketing that I was finally able to get out of my comfort zone and take action!

And when I finally did, that's when mine and my family's life really started to get better, just like YOURS will. Your business grows… Your bank account grows… You FEEL a sense of purpose…

Results NOW Video Marketing is a powerful course that helps you become a Video Marketing PRO – FAST, Position Yourself as a Credible Authority, and Create Compelling Marketing Videos That Generate Instant Leads & Sales.


The 3-Minute Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition

Ray Higdon is one of the most successful bloggers online today.

Hands-down this is the #1 blogging product to teach you how to build authority, become the expert in any niche, and build a profitable online business with ‘blogging' as your foundation. Ray Higdon's ‘3MinExpert – Attraction Marketing Edition' will show you everything he knows about building a 7-Figure Blog including how to set up your blog fast with 1 click with MLSP SITES, how to easily create content daily that serves your market even if you're brand new, Ray's daily blog action steps to get leads and make money with your blog, and how to become a credible expert in your niche overnight even if nobody knows who you are right now.

Blogging should be the cornerstone of your marketing because it's where people can come check you out, consume your valuable content, and begin to build a relationship with you. When that happens, you will start to gain trust. And when that happens, you are on you way to building a business that can set you free.

Add ‘3 Min Expert – Attraction Marketing Edition' to your digital training library, and start blogging your way to freedom today!

Twist Your List

Diane Hochman, the Attraction Marketing queen, has been able to DOMINATE the industry with a list of only 4,500 e-mail subscribers.

If you think you need to build a list of fifty-thousand people to earn a very healthy full-time income, you are mistaken. ‘Twist Your List' will help you build a hyper-responsive list that buys all your stuff…after all your REAL business is your List!

This course will teach you how to transform even the tiniest list into a cash-flow residual machine with Diane's simple 6-Step Formula ANYONE can apply in their business today! YES, the money is in your list, but the fortune is in how you Manage, Write to, and Communicate with Your List.

Add ‘Twist Your List' to your digital training library today, and you will master the most profitable way to build your #1 asset as a business owner – Your List!

Total Recruiting Mastery

Ray Higdon is a powerhouse prospector and recruiter, and was the #1 earner in his previous MLM venture. Ray's prospecting course, ‘Total Recruiting Mastery,' is the recruiting product if you are serious about making more money in your business. The product will equip you with the skill-sets to make money on virtually every single prospecting call you make.

The bonuses themselves are worth way more than the price tag of this course. You get Ray's first ever sponsoring product ‘Mastery Sponsoring Series' – a $149 retail value absolutely free! Additionally, the ‘Micro-Coach Cash Machine' (how to put together simple coaching packages for instant profits) and the ‘MLM Transition Formula' (how to easily transition the conversation to YOUR network marketing company) will help you get to top earner status fast.

Add ‘Total Recruiting Mastery' to your digital training library today, and get ready for the next level in YOUR business!

Facebook Advertising PRO

Created by Jesse Jameson, CEO of the #1 Social Media Advertising Agency, this course will get you traffic and leads from Facebook in 24 hours (or less) even if you're brand new and never created a Facebook ad before.

This course includes EVERYTHING you need to know about creating a targeted audience to market to, creating the actual ad itself, and then optimizing that ad to get the most out of your advertising budget. This is step-by-step, and YES you too can follow this course to profit on Facebook!

Just look at what the CEO of the biggest Attraction Marketing training company, Brian Fanale, has to say about Jesse Jameson…

“I'm blown away at what Jesse has done for our business on Facebook in just a few short months. Jesse has increased our “LIKES” by 173%, and our engagement has exploded.What he teaches flat out gets results. If you're looking to build a brand and your business through the FaceBook monster, you need this course!”
– Brian Fanale
MLSP CEO & Co-Founder

Attraction Marketing Intensive

Industry Leader and Attraction Marketing queen, Diane Hochman, wants to help you embrace ‘Attraction Marketing' in your business so you too can build a stable, long-term business that can pay you for years!

The secret? Attraction Marketing! You must BECOME the leader first, you must increase your value, you must ADD value to people's lives, you must build relationships, and then (and only then) will you realize true financial freedom with your business.

Diane has been able to sign-up up over 100 reps in 3 days in 2 separate programs, she's written e-mails that created $10,000 in less than 24 hours, and she consistently gets in the top 10 for every single affiliate contests she participates in… “Attraction Marketing Intensive” is her secret business building blueprint she has leveraged for years!

Add ‘AMI' to your digital training library now, and learn how the ‘Attraction Marketing' approach can set your family free.

Webinar Sales Magic

MIT-trained MBA, Steve Jaffe, has ‘cracked the code' on how to sponsor an army of new reps or sell ANY offer effectively with webinars (even if you're a little afraid to do webinars).

Because webinars convert into signups and sales better than other online medium, virtually EVERY full-time income earner in the industry does webinars. With few exceptions, you too MUST do webinars to earn a full-time income from home.

In Steve's “hold you by the hand” course, you'll learn the proven way to become ultra-confident to do your first webinar. You'll learn how to generate 20+ leads per day with webinars and get LOTS of eager webinar registrants and attendees (even if your leads list is small or nonexistent). And you'll learn how to present and close sales like a pro into ANY opportunity, product or service.

Add “Webinar Sales Magic” to your training library so YOU can sponsor an army of new reps or sell ANY offer with the most effective online sales strategy, period.

Copywriting Mastery

Co-Founder of the biggest Attraction Marketing training platform, MLSP, Brian Fanale is considered one of the best and highest paid copywriters in the industry. As MLSP's chief copywriter, Brian has written literally thousands of ads, e-mails, video sales scripts, and entire sales funnels that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for himself and for affiliates all over the world. This course is a decade of intense study, real-life split tests, and Fanale's best Mind-Control Copywriting Secrets all packed up in the most powerful & comprehensive copywriting course the industry has ever seen, ‘Copywriting Mastery.'

Fanale's controversial ‘Copywriting Mastery' teaches you his deadly persuasion copy secrets to hack into the unconscious mind of your prospect where the BUYING decision takes place, and begin to control their thoughts. You will learn the 12 human needs (fulfill just one of these and you will get the sale), and how to use commands, assumptions, pre-suppositions, NLP, emotions, images, anchors, feelings, stories, questions, dialogue, metaphors and so much more to make your copy so sizzling hot that it makes your prospect feel guilty if they don't BUY!

Copywriting is the highest paying skill on the internet, and good copywriters never go hungry. Nearly 19 hours of nothing but pure copywriting gold, an interview with Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy, and 8 PDF Cheat-Sheet print-outs including a paint-by-numbers powerpoint sales script & 51 ‘Mind-Hacks' you can implement immediately to increase conversions… this course is engineered to transform you into a lethal copywriter so you never have to worry about money again.

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