If you’re looking for a Prosperity Of Life Review (Polaris Global Review) because you’re not sure if it’s a legitimate online business that will help you achieve your time and financial goals, take a break of fresh air because that feeling of uncertainty…


With all the hype, ridiculous bogus income claims, and overwhelming information online, it’s amazing anyone can find a legitimate online business.

And I commend you for taking the time to do your own research. That shows that you are serious and committed to your own success, and you have earned my respect.

Table Of Contents (Prosperity Of Life Review)

  1. A Brief Video Introduction
  2. My Story (The Short Version)
  3. What Is Prosperity Of Life?
  4. Why Network Marketing?
  5. What Does Prosperity Of Life Sell?
  6. Why Would I Want To Buy The Products?
  7. Is Prosperity Of Life MLM?
  8. How Does The Compensation Plan Work?
  9. Should I Get Started With M1 or M7 Fast Track?
  10. What Other Costs Are Involved?
  11. What About Marketing?
  12. Is The Prosperity Of Life Opportunity Easy?
  13. Is Prosperity Of Life Based On Scientology?
  14. Is Prosperity Of Life A “Pyramid Scheme”?
  15. Do I Have To “Sell” In Prosperity Of Life?
  16. Do I Have To Get On The Phone?
  17. Will I Make Money In Prosperity Of Life?
  18. An Inside Look Into Prosperity Of Life
  19. A Brief Prosperity Of Life Review Video
  20. Conclusion – Prosperity Of Life Review
  21. Disclaimer – The Legal Stuff

1. A Brief Video Introduction

Before you continue, WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST with a brief introduction from myself.

(Prosperity Of Life Review)

Now, before I dive into this Brutally Honest Prosperity Of Life Review (Polaris Global Review), I want to clear up a few things and share my experience with this company.

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2. My Story (The Short Version)

In 2011, I was a frustrated, underpaid offer worker, I was in $50,000 debt, I was working a frustrating job where I would often argue with my boss and I felt like I was only working to pay an ever-expanding amount of debt off.

Sound at all familiar?

When I'd have enough of living the same routine week in, week out, Prosperity Of Life fell in my laps and it showed me that I could make a great income online, while being accountable only to myself.

Being in this opportunity has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. Thanks to this journey, I found my amazing wife, Dacia, we had our first daughter, Ivanka, and now we’re both stay-at-home-parents and we don’t miss a moment of our daughter growing up (we capture every proud moment on our iPhones), and we travel the world as a family and take our business with us.

In short, I’ve been with Prosperity Of Life since mid-2011, I’m an M8 Director, I'm a Rising Start Award winner, I’ve been to many of the events, I've spoken on stage, I personally know the owners (Shane & Rachel Krider), and have many friends in the community.

Now, to share the facts with you…

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3. What Is Prosperity Of Life?

Prosperity Of Life is a direct-sales company based out of the U.S.A. The company is in the Personal Development & Wealth Creation industry and they provide a complete business-in-a-box opportunity, which includes the systems, training, products, coaching and 1-on-1 mentoring.

The business is based on a Network Marketing model, meaning that products are marketed and sold through a network of distributors and associates.

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4. Why Network Marketing?

In the following video, business leader Robert Kiyosaki explains why Network Marketing is one of the best ways of building a business by leveraging an existing support network and infrastructure, so you can spend less time on creating systems and more time on making an income and living a life.

(Prosperity Of Life Review)

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5. What Does Prosperity Of Life Sell?

Prosperity Of Life sells Personal Development & Wealth Creation web-based products and live events.

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

There are quite a few products, so I’m only going to cover the main ones. To learn more, get back to the person who introduced you to Prosperity Of Life.

Product # 1 – M1

Includes the 17 Day Personal Prosperity System and recorded content from the first events of Foundation Live, Sovereignty Live and Influence Live.

Wholesale cost: $2,285 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $1,828 USD

Product # 2 – M7

Recorded content from the following two years of Sovereignty Live and Influence Live (total of 4 events).

Wholesale cost: $4,590 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $3,672 USD

Product # 3 – M7 Fast Track

A discounted package that includes M1 and M7, is only available at the beginning, and exists to reward leadership.

Wholesale cost: $6,250 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $5,000 USD

Product # 4 – M2 Sovereignty Live

Yearly event on Wealth Creation. You’ll learn how money works, how to invest it, how to have money work for you, asset allocation, tax minimisation and more.

Wholesale cost: $7,950 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $5,000 USD

Product # 5 – M3 Influence Live

Advanced Personal Development & Leadership strategies. You’ll learn in-depth how we create our own lives by the thoughts and beliefs we hold, and how you can take control of your life and future.

Wholesale cost: $12,950 USD
Profit you can make per sale: $8,000 USD

Prosperity Of Life Review - Polaris Global

Mediterranean Cruise 2015

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6. Why Would I Want To Buy The Products?

You might be wondering, “Geez, the products are expensive.” And you’re absolutely right!

So let me explain a few things…

From An Entrepreneurial Perspective:

There aren’t many business opportunities out there where you can make high-ticket sized profits like in Prosperity Of Life.

For me personally, I would rather make $1828 per sale than $50 or $100 per sale. It requires the same level of work ethic for vastly different amounts of income.

There are companies out there that will let you “in” for $50, $25 and even $1 but once you’ve bought in, they will up-sell you to $3000+ products on the back end. And if you want to make a decent income there, you’ll have to upgrade because earning a commission on $25 sales doesn’t amount to anything significant.

Now, just to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with companies doing that. I’m just letting you know the truth behind the truth.

From A Product Perspective:

I’ve invested well over $100,000 on my Personal Development education (inside and outside of Prosperity Of Life). Not because I’ve had to, but because I’m passionate about Personal Development.

From everything I’ve done (including Tony Robbins, Rhonda Byrne, Robert Kiyosaki and more), Prosperity Of Life is right up there in terms of quality, structure, easy to understand and actionable content that will help you get results (as long as you apply the material).

You won't find any high-level Personal Development education for free on the internet. Sure, you can find a tonne of short Personal Development videos on YouTube, but nothing structured in a course format that will help you go from A-Z as fast as possible.

And for some perspective, I’ve previously paid $2500 for one months worth of Personal Development coaching, and it was nowhere near as effective as Prosperity Of Life’s education (read my story). Plus, with the coaching, I didn’t have the ability to make an income by becoming a reseller.

What about the events?

Yes, I’ve been to other events too and Prosperity Of Life events are amongst the elite of Personal Development conferences, with the bonus that you get the ability to become a reseller.

Do you have to buy the events?

Only if they’re a fit for you.

I know a lot of distributors who stay at the M1 or M7 level and are happy making a great income.

Personally, I upgraded a couple of months in because I’m a high achiever and I wanted access to all the education and higher profits. Would I do it again if I had to start all over? Absolutely!

Am I (Alex) making money from reselling the events?

I certainly am.

Should you upgrade to M8? (M8 means buying all the products)

Only if it’s a fit for you.

You’ll hear every now and then promotions for upgrading to M8, but the decision is always 100% yours to make.

Prosperity Of Life Review - Polaris Global

Sovereignty Live 2015

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7. Is Prosperity Of Life MLM?

Prosperity Of Life is not a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. “Multi-Level” means that every profit you make is split between unlimited amounts of people that got started before you.

For example, if you make a $100 sale, you might keep $30, the person before you makes $5, the person before that makes $4, the person before that makes $2, the person before that makes $1, etc.

Prosperity Of Life certainly has some similarities – like team building – but it's more direct-sales than MLM.

They also don't teach pitching to family and friends. The training is purely based around online marketing.

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8. How Does The Compensation Plan Work?

I want to keep this a simple to understand so I will only cover the M1, M7 and M7 Fast Track.

To learn about the events, re-watch the business presentation and/or get back to the person who introduced you to Prosperity Of Life.

In essence, the Prosperity Of Life compensation plan works with 2 “pass up” qualification sales. For example, if you purchase the M1 from me, then the first two people that get started through you (say John & Sarah) and purchase their products, John & Sarah will pay me.

“But wouldn’t I be missing out on money?” you might be asking.

Yes and no.

You see, the 2 “pass up” sales do a few things.

Firstly, it’s an incentive for me to support you and help you understand the business and get into a profit making position faster.

Have you heard of companies where you pay money, and then there’s no one there to support you? That doesn’t happen here. You can reach out to your mentor at any time you want.

Secondly, once you’re in a profit making position and you understand the business, it’s an incentive for YOU to support and mentor your team to get into a profit making position.

Thirdly, it’s a type of residual income, where all you have to do is support your team members and you all reap the benefits.

I think that’s fair, don’t you?

Once you’ve completed your qualification process, you will never EVER have to “pass up” sales again for that particular product you’re qualified in, and you won't have to meet sales quotas every month like in other companies. You’ll make 100% of the profits from every sale – forever.

And my favourite part: customers pay YOU directly into YOUR bank account. So no waiting for monthly commission payments.

One thing to note is that you must do this qualification process with M1 and M7 individually, meaning you would “pass up” a total of 4 sales.

Let me explain how to get qualified faster and make more money…

Alex Ford - Prosperity Of Life Review

Tahiti 2011

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9. Should I Get Started With M1 Or M7 Fast Track?

You would have noticed above that M7 Fast Track is just a combination of the M1 and M7 products.

If you purchase the M1 now, you’ll have to complete 2 “pass up” sales to become a qualified M1 Director. If you then purchase the M7 later, you’ll have to complete 2 more “pass up” sales so you become a qualified M7 Director.

Side Note: A “Director” just means you're qualified and you can now make 100% of the profits from a particular product.

However, if you purchase the M7 Fast Track from the beginning you’ll only have to complete 2 “pass up” sales in total and you’ll be qualified out as an M1 and M7 Director, plus you'll save $625.

So which one should you get started at?

It depends on what your goals are. If you want to make money faster and not lose out on the extra 2 “pass up” sales, go M7 Fast Track. Otherwise, M1 is also a good option.

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10. What Other Costs Are Involved?

You’ll pay an extra $103 USD per month for the:

1. Online Business Manager

This is where you'll access all your marketing training, pre-written ads/copy and access information on the growth of your business.

2. Lead Manager

This is where you can set up marketing websites and keep track of all your leads. Similar to a Customer Relationships Manager (CRM).

3. Conferencing Call System

This is to get your unique pin number to access the daily live training calls.

From my perspective, $103 per month is not much. In other Network Marketing companies, you’ll pay $200+ per month to continually buy products plus you’ll have to invest further into learning how to market yourself online.

Also, in a traditional business I previously had, my monthly outgoings were $10,000 and my returns were nothing in comparison to Prosperity Of Life.

Prosperity Of Life Review - Polaris Global

Barcelona, Spain 2015

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11. What About Marketing?

We’ll teach you how to market yourself online using paid methods and free methods. It’s totally up to you if you set aside a budget for paid methods.

You may learn of people that spent thousands of dollars on marketing and didn’t make much in return. Yes, that can happen in any business (traditional or online).

The difference is they thought that throwing money at marketing, instead of patiently building the skill, would work. It doesn’t.

At one point, I spent a lot of money on marketing in one month and didn’t make any return. It wasn’t until I followed the step-by-step instructions, and worked with my mentor, that my business started succeeding.

In saying that, you'll learn how to leverage Facebook Paid Ads, paid advertising on websites; and for the free stuff, you'll learn how to leverage Social Media, Blogging, YouTube and more.

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12. Is The Prosperity Of Life Opportunity Easy?


It does take a little bit of setup. But if you’re coachable and you’re willing to follow instructions, they walk you through step-by-step how to do it.

If you're looking for “easy”, Prosperity Of Life might not be for you.

Now, let’s get down to the controversial…

Alex Ford - Prosperity Of Life Review

Pisa, Italy 2015

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13. Is Prosperity Of Life Based On Scientology?

Not at all.

Personally, I’m Christian and if Prosperity Of Life was, and if they were teaching Scientology, I wouldn’t be here – and I’ve been here since mid-2011.

Prosperity Of Life revolves around sound Personal Development & Wealth Creation principles.

In saying that, I believe everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs – and I respect that. But again, Prosperity Of Life is completely free of religious and political beliefs.

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14. Is Prosperity Of Life A “Pyramid Scheme”?


Prosperity Of Life is a business opportunity set up just like a real estate brokerage – where the broker earns an override of all the other realtors in his office.

They actually teach you how to build a business where you don’t just earn from your own efforts, but you also earn from the efforts of anyone you introduce (hence the 2 “pass up” sales).

Is Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

(Prosperity Of Life Review)

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15. Do I Have To “Sell” In Prosperity Of Life?

This is a touchy one, so all I can do is give you my opinion.

Firstly, no matter what anyone tells you, if a business requires the sale of products to make revenue, it's sales. From this standpoint, Prosperity Of Life is a sales company.

Secondly, the business is based on a script. When you call the leads you’ve generated (people who are already interested), you’ll run through some scripted questions to find out if the Prosperity Of Life products and/or opportunity is a fit for them or not.

However, you won’t have to “hard sell”, meaning you won’t have to convince or overcome objections. All questions your prospects have will be answered by a leader in the company through what's called a “3 way” conference call.

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16. Do I Have To Get On The Phone?

That’s certainly something taught in Prosperity Of Life.

Some companies will teach you only marketing and to have people call you. However, let me give you my perspective on this.

If you owned a real estate business and people were leaving their contact details on your website, would you say to yourself “I’ll wait for them to call me”?

Of course, you wouldn’t.

They made an enquiry and left their information because they want you to help them. So it’s your job to call them, build a relationship, find out what they need help with and offer them the solution to their problem *IF* it's the right fit for them.

Getting on the phone is important if you want to build your business the fastest way possible.

Just so you know, I do both.

I have people who call me, but the majority of people that I mentor got started through me because I called them after they made an enquiry – and they were very appreciative for my call.

Remember, it’s an online business but you’ve still got to treat people like people, not leads.

Prosperity Of Life Review - Polaris Global

Rising Star Award 2013

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17. Will I Make Money In Prosperity Of Life?

No business opportunity, whether traditional or online, can guarantee your success or level of work ethic.

Do you want to know the real truth?

I’ve made multiple 5-figure weeks, travelled the world and am a working stay-at-home dad. However, the reality is that most people won’t put in the effort to make that kind of money… just look at the income disclosure of any opportunity to find out for yourself.

The Prosperity Of Life business model is NOT up for debate. Plenty of people are having financial success using the same products, tools and compensation plan. The only variable here is each individual.

So will you make money?

It’s up to you.

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18. An Inside Look Into Prosperity Of Life

In this video I pull back the curtains and take you on a behind the scenes tour of Prosperity Of Life's systems, tools and products.

(Date: May 2016)

How To Find Happiness & the Power of Identifying Your Purpose

Shane & Rachel Krider (co-owners of Prosperity Of Life) share simple truths about how one can find a deeper level of happiness within oneself.

(Date: April 2016)

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19. A Brief Prosperity Of Life Review Video

In the following video, I cover some of the topics I've shared with you on this Prosperity Of Life Review (Polaris Global Review).

(Date: May 2016)

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20. Conclusion – Prosperity Of Life Review

I’m not here to hype you up and tell you that, as you read this, you must feel super excited about joining Prosperity Of Life. I believe you should make the decision that feels right for you.

The truth is this opportunity has changed my life, has changed the lives of others, and every week we’re hearing of new success stories.

Now, this opportunity might be the right fit for you, or it might not be.

But if it is, it’s decision time… either you go back to life as usual, OR you step up and take the fast track to printing Money with your own online business.

One decision costs you more time, energy, and money, and is what we call the ‘slow track'…

The other decision compresses time, moves you closer towards your goals, and is what we call the ‘fast track.'

The decision is 100% yours to make.

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21. Disclaimer – The Legal Stuff

  1. This is a brutally honest Prosperity Of Life Review based on up-to-date facts and my own personal experience.
  2. As 90% or more of the people reading this would have been in contact with another Prosperity Of Life associate, I can only refer you back to the initial person you spoke with.
  3. I am not compensated in any way for this Prosperity Of Life Review, unless you've already enquired with me about the opportunity and you've made the decision to get started and purchase your product through me.
  4. When deciding on what will be the perfect home business for you and your family, trust your intuition. Prosperity Of Life is NOT for everyone. The business presentation was designed to NOT resonate with the wrong person for this business, therefore it might or might not be for you.
  5. Results and income are not guaranteed. Your results may vary (see point #15).

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Got any questions? Is so, I would greatly appreciate it if you ask them in the comments section below.

IMPORTANT: Since writing this Prosperity Of Life Review, I've heard from so many people that got started in Prosperity Of Life because of the value in this post, and I'm SUPER GRATEFUL for that because it means it's helping people take action and pursue their dreams!

Unfortunately, though, I don't hear from everyone who has been positively impacted by this Prosperity Of Life Review. Because of that, I would like to ask that if YOU decide to get started in Prosperity Of Life, to please come back here and post a comment below on your experience, why you got started with Prosperity Of Life, and how this review helped you make the decision.

It would be amazing to see how many people's lives are impacted because of this review, but it would also greatly assist others to make the right decision for themselves (including your future prospects).

Do you think you can help me with this?

Excellent 🙂

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